Debategraph: user guide

Follow these simple steps to get started on debategraph:

1.      To join the Forum 2012 debategraph go to 

 2.      If you do not have a debategraph login, click on “Register” on the top right-hand side of the page and fill the requested personal details.

3.      Once you have completed the form you will receive a message in your email inbox entitled “Welcome to Debategraph   – verify your registration now”

4.      Click on the link in the email message and take good note of your username and password

5.      Once you have verified your registration copy and paste the following link into your browser: – this will bring you directly to the Forum 2012 debategraph page

6.      In order to join the forum 2012 debategraph community simply click on “Bookmark” on the bottom left corner of the debatgraph

7.      To browse the map simply click on the different “idea bubbles”. If you leave your mouse on one of the “idea bubbles” you will be able to see a longer description of the idea.

8.      To add your own idea or suggestion, simply click on the bubble you wish to comment on and click “Add idea”. Here you will be able to insert a comment, question suggestion and will be given the option to add a “longer summary” to the idea for more detail. Click save when you are done.

9.      As follows are short descriptions of the uses for the different tabs on the right-hand side of the map:

o   Details: This tab provides you with information on the Forum 2012

o   Context: This tab allows you to view the outline of the graph giving you an index-like overview

o    Stream: the Stream acts a news feed for the graph, allowing you to see any changes or comments added to the graph, messages sent by other participants and who has recently joined the graph

o   Finder: this tab allows you to search the graph according to key words, your ideas etc.

o   Community: This tab allows you to have a view of the Forum 2012 debategraph members and engage with them or invite your colleagues and friends to join the debategraph from here. You can also select how often you wish to receive updates from the graph.

o   Help: this tab provides you with insightful information and answers to any of your questions. We recommend that you also take the time to view the introductory video