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The programme for Forum 2012 “Beyond Aid…Research and Innovation for Health, Equity and Development” will focus on 3 themes that are key to making research and innovation work for health, equity and development.

Programme: day-to-day schedule

Programme for Tuesday, 24 April 2012 Programme for Wednesday, 25 April 2012 Programme for Thursday, 26 April 2012

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Theme 1: Improving and increasing investments in research and innovation

Tens of billions of dollars are invested each year in research and innovation for health. Despite these investments, questions remain whether they have led to improved health outcomes and strengthened health systems. For example, how can investments be made more efficient and effective, and how can they be increased? Is it possible to deliver greater health, equity and development for lower income groups with the same level of investments?

In response, Forum 2012 will showcase what countries and organisations are doing to attract investment in research and innovation for health. It will highlight the importance of the entire value chain from knowledge creation to delivery of innovation and how the public and private sectors can come together to catalyse this.

The sessions in this theme will provide insights into the opportunities in research and innovation for health that exist for private investors and (social) entrepreneurs. Other aspects of the sessions will look at how better measurement of the impact of investment in research and innovation can improve future spending. The ‘aid and beyond’ sessions will provide new impulses and inspiration for the roles and relationships between countries and donors. They will outline how aid can strengthen research capacity and innovation, thereby building the foundation for a world beyond aid.

The purpose of the investment theme in Forum 2012 is to bring together all participants and organisations that can bring about change. That is, those who create opportunities and those who have an interest in investment and aid for research and innovation for health. It will maximise opportunities to share and discuss how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of existing and new investments. It will also look at what future strategic directions can be taken for continued investment in research and innovation for health in – as well as by – low- and middle-income countries.

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Theme 2: Networking and partnerships for research and innovation

The role of networks and partnerships has increased considerably in recent years facilitating the transformation of research and innovation into concrete results in health delivery. The topics under theme two encompass a broad range of networks working in various areas of public health and development. These include networks and communities of practice engaged in research on maternal and child health, reproductive and sexual health, primary health care, demographic and health surveillance, health equity, information management and other topics. In addition, partnerships in research and innovation related to product, process or systems innovation also form a key part of the global health and development landscape.

Over the three days in FORUM 2012, participants will engage in discussions around concrete case studies of networks and partnerships from around the world and consider common cross cutting questions such as which networks function well and why? Can we learn from one another’s experiences and can networks function better and deliver more? In order to answer these questions, we have invited a number of research networks, small and large, national, regional and international to participate in FORUM 2012 and discuss their experiences and efforts to establish strong and systematic links between upstream research, technological innovations, social innovations and the concrete delivery of better health care.

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Theme 3: Creating environments that support research and innovation

The concept of innovation is often misinterpreted, sometimes taken to mean the research results, and sometimes the end technology. Innovation, however, is best understood as the entire pathway – from research, through development, to end application.

Ensuring that the right climate is created for the innovation pathway to occur relies on multiple elements being in place. Many factors interplay and overlap: the development and framing of national policy; the available capacity and expertise of institutions, systems, teams and individuals; and the form and requirements of international agreements.

Having the right innovation environment – which is appropriately tuned to country needs – is critical in determining how successful countries will be in the production of sustainable, locally adapted, scaleable solutions which drive greater health, equity and development. What policies work? Which countries are the most successful and how do they do it? How best can an environment be created which supports innovation? The group of change-makers who are participating in Forum 2012 represent a wide variety of constituencies. In their discussions, they will concentrate on identifying successes, failures and untapped potential at country, regional and global levels.

Some of the specific discussions at Forum 2012 about what creates the ‘right environment’ for innovation to occur are:

  • The importance of priority setting for research for health, 
  • The potential role of an international agreement in financing research and development, 
  • The role of partnerships in increasing LMIC capacity and involvement in Neglected Tropical Disease product development, 
  • How best to build capacity in the ethical review of research – both in research teams and in committees, 
  • Successes and challenges in health research capacity strengthening 
  • The role of health technology transfer in strengthening research and innovation systems, 
  • How research assists better uptake by healthcare systems of new technology, ⇒ How lower income countries can build stronger research contract-negotiating capacity.

Click here for the descriptions to the list of sessions that will be held under this theme.

If you are interested in joining the discussion and providing us with ideas or concrete examples that fit under one of the above areas please register to our Online Forum or to our debategraphand add your ideas and examples.

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